Logical Reasoning Question

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Logical Reasoning Question

Postby testmachine45 » Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:42 pm

Many economists...

PrepTest60, LR 1, #13

The answer is letter C. I don't get how C weakens the argument.


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Re: Logical Reasoning Question

Postby JJDancer » Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:46 pm

I'm jist copying and pasting my explanation for this from another thread so it might be more geared towards what that person asked.

Weakening the argument means you attack the conclusion that economists overestimate the extent to which people are motivatd by money in job choices.

How do you reconcile that they aren't overestimating importance but people don't list high salary as most important consideration? well first sentence of stimulus says "financial rewards" that could be money. But it could also be perks, more paid leave, free childcare, etc. C hits this sweet spot.

THey asked why it wasn't b - B simply says that if the jobs are the same, then I would rather be paid 80K than 50K for it. but the stimulus says that economists claim that financial rewards provide the strongest incentive in choosing ONE job OVER another.

B is comparing 2 jobs, and it shows that money IS AN incentive to pick one job over another, but you don't know that it's THE STRONGEST incentive. You need something that allows you to compare it to other factors. Like if B said: when choosing between 2 jobs, people surveyed said they would pick the one giving more money over another one that was more prestigious.

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