PT 21 Section 3 LR2 #16

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PT 21 Section 3 LR2 #16

Postby Sh@keNb@ke » Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:05 am

Could someone please explain why the answer here is C? I feel as if it doesn't HAVE TO BE TRUE that no substance will be found which is perceived to be sweeter. Thanks in advance.

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Re: PT 21 Section 3 LR2 #16

Postby matt@atlaslsat » Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:47 am

Sure. We know the following:

1. The fewer molecules that are required to activate a receptor, the sweeter that substance will be perceived to be.

2. The researches claim to have discovered a substance of which only one molecule is needed to activate any sweetness receptor.

If all the researchers' claims are true, then there is nothing that has fewer molecules required to activate a receptor. One is the minimum, while still having some. If nothing has fewer molecules required to activate a receptor and the fewer molecules required the sweeter the substance is, then nothing can be found that is sweeter than this particular substance. Best expressed in answer choice (C).

It's kind of like the following crude analogy. If the taller you are the better at basketball you are, and Steve is the tallest basketball player ever, then Steve must be the best basketball player ever.

(A) is out of scope. Pleasurable is unsupported.
(B) is unsupported. We don't know that any substance can activate a sweetness receptor.
(D) is not necessarily true. Other types of receptors are simply not discussed.
(E) would make sense since the fewer the receptors required, the sweeter the substance is. But it doesn't have to be true that the more receptors required, the more bitter something is. Bitterness is unsupported by the stimulus.

Does that clear this one up?

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