Difference between old and new LGs

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Difference between old and new LGs

Postby kpuc » Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:17 pm

Firstly, where would you say is a good dividing point between old and new LGs?

Secondly, what are the main differences between the old and new LGs?

I ask this because, for some odd reason, I seem to be much better at the old LGs than the new LGs. And by new LGs, I mean games from PTs 50-56.

When I first started doing PTs in July, I went through "10 Actual LSATs" (PTs 7-18). Aside from a couple of early tests where I was just getting the hang of things, I always got -0 or -1 on the LGs. I've been surprised to learn that a few of the games from that book are regarded as among the hardest ever, since I don't remember being utterly stumped by any of them.
August was pretty much the same. I went through "10 More Actual LSATs" and continued to have little difficulty in LG.

In September, I received PTs 49-60, and for some reason, my LGs aren't as solid anymore. In order to improve, I bought "10 Next LSATs", which have some of the hardest LGs ever written. While they are difficult, I managed to get through some of the most infamously difficult ones in relatively good time (e.g. CD Store, Birds in a Forest, Jewels in a Ring). I had even taken PT 36 as a cold diagnostic, and that test apparently included some tough games like the Fruit Stand and Windows and Aisles; yet I managed to score a -4 on a cold diagnostic!

Yet I completely bombed PT 52 (for some reason, needed to just cancel the PT and give myself almost an hour to finish it) and PT 56's (-6!) LG section, getting scores far worse than I've ever gotten in an LG section before. Even on my cold diagnostic! And even on LG sections that I felt I did well on, I'd get sometimes -3 (which never happened with the old PTs unless I really bombed a LG section).

If anyone can tell me what the main differences are between the old LGs and new LGs, then I could try to figure out why I do better on older LGs than newer ones.

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Re: Difference between old and new LGs

Postby gdane » Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:21 pm

I asked about this in the OCT LSAT PREP thread. My belief is that they've gotten easier. The big discrepancy between my scores from the 20's-40's and my scores from 50-55 are so huge that I just feel like the ones in the 50's are easier.

They seem less complicated. I remember the ones in the 20s and whatnot were so full of little details and complex intertwining rules that if you missed just one inference, you were screwed on the entire game. On the last tests Ive found that even though I missed an inference here and there, I would still get the question correct.

Its all relative though.

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