Please help me decide

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Please help me decide

Postby vttran9 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:12 pm

I signed up to take the LSAT this October but now my reasons have changed. Before, I wanted a higher score to get into UT but now I have decided to stay in Houston and go to UH.

GPA 3.3
1st LSAT 162

Work experience, extra curricular
Soft: single mom (reason why I am staying in Houston)

Now I just want to retake the LSAT to get some scholarship money.

I have been studying for the past month and have been averaging 165-171.

I feel like if I take another month or two to study and take the December, I have a good shot of hitting the 170's consistently.

So should I
A. take the Oct, try to get good score and apply early
B. take it anyway and cancel since its too late to change the date and sign up for Dec and then apply

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Re: Please help me decide

Postby thesybarite » Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:39 pm

There seems to be a fairly large contingent of people who think the Dec test has a negative effect on your cycle, due simply to the timing. Can you apply now and update later? Do you know the approximate dates that they start rejecting/accepting? I know one school I'm applying to doesn't start accepting till Jan - so that would really be no problem. LSN is really helpful for this...but doesn't seem to be working.

I wouldn't recommend leaving it until after your Dec score is released to apply. Regardless of when you resit, I think you should apply soon.

Best of luck :D

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Re: Please help me decide

Postby swc65 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:01 pm

Getting a much higher score>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> getting in app before January. When the scores come out from the December tests, your application will still be on-time, not early, but not late. Some schools will not even look at RD apps until January.

And you can send in the app and check the box which indicates that you will be retaking and the schools will hold the app until they get your update. However, that LSAT score has a large influence on what range of schools you should apply to.

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