PT 53 LR and RC questions

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PT 53 LR and RC questions

Postby hulahoop » Mon Sep 13, 2010 7:47 pm

Got back on the horse after a day of feeling sorry for myself, getting slightly messed up and watching waaaaay too many episodes of Tosh.O.

Seems I just needed to decompress, in hindsight I could tell that throughout my last PT I really wasn't paying enough attention; I finished some sections 10 minutes early and was too lazy to thoroughly review my answers. I think I also needed to fail so horribly so that I would stop being cocky (the result of my two 180s before my miserable 167), and to put fear of impending doom back into my practice. I took 53 yesterday, which was also a test I had never seen before, and missed three for 179. Pretty happy with this, as it makes me less worried that I was remembering the answers from over 2 years ago, and just solidifies that I need to get my head in the game when I am taking a PT. However, I only did 4 sections (out of fear of wasting more PTs if I really had killed a ton of braincells recently, and a bit of laziness), and my errors were all in the last 2 sections, so I am going to focus on stamina from here on out. Is there any way to do this without taking 5-6 section PTs? (although I am pretty sure I already know the answer...) :?

Questions I missed: hoping writing them out will help someone besides me, but it does help me immensely to write them out.

Sec 3, Q 3:
Picked C, E is correct. Main point/main conclusion questions are always the ones that get me. I thought I had accurately identified the conclusion as I read (which is habit now) and then didn't really second-guess myself and moved on. Now that I look back at it, I did identify "There are ways in which it makes sense to talk about musical knowledge growing over time" as the main conclusion, but somehow I still thought C was better than E, E seemed to be too strong for me, seemed to take it a step further than the argument stated. If you conclusion is "Although A, B" is B always the main point? Ok, now that I wrote it out that way it seems really obvious. meh.

Sec 3, Q 24.:
Picked C, A is correct. I feel like I have never seen a correct answer choice with 'analogy' in it now that I think of it, but I was convinced this was an analogy, not an example. Can someone explain the difference to me in LSAT terms? Or does it have something to do with the fact that the argument is explaining something, not necessarily arguing for it (a 'general principle' vs. a 'conclusion')

Sec 4, Q 14.
I knew I was going to get this wrong, although I did narrow it down to A and E (picked E, A is right). I hated this passage. Can someone tell me exactly what is paradoxical about the situation? I went back and stared at it until I had myself convinced that the talk about British students at the beginning was describing a 'traditional' school of thought, although even as I picked it I thought that was weak. Sometimes I hate RC, b/c when I miss something, I can never really figure out why.

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Re: PT 53 LR and RC questions

Postby sayruss11 » Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:07 pm

I just did this one yesterday. So for Q24 in S3 I believe an analogy needs the word "like" or some similar word. The coke and milk thing were just examples because there was no comparison with "like".

and for the RC Q14 I also have no idea what was paradoxical. I hated that whole RC section.

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