PT23 sec4 #12

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PT23 sec4 #12

Postby fosterp » Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:42 pm

Recently did a review of this section, and the question asks about the role of the phrase "in England." Doing this question, none the answers looked very good to me, and I just sort of guessed E. The correct answer was A, but I still don't understand how that phrase suggests women in other countries received grants of their husband's land. I can see how it "might" mean that, but I don't see the addition of that phrase making it any more likely that women receive grants in other countries. Simply having a specific word to identify a legal doesn't seem to imply that such a concept exists elsewhere, to me it just simply means that the concept is recognized and given a name.

Perhaps theres a "common knowledge" thing I am missing here about the way people talk, but I just can't see how that answer is correct.

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