Trends you see after a couple PT's?

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Trends you see after a couple PT's?

Postby paulshortys10 » Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:35 am

LG- Theres usually one LG problem that gives me the most problem. I can do the other 3 within the time limit, but there's one that really screws it up for me. THe thing is it's not usually a hard problem, just 1 or 2 of the rules are confusing and i have to think about them for a while...

LR- First 10 are the easiest(do them in about 10 min and miss 1 tops, 10-20 are hardest, 20-End are not hard, but they are the long and boring ones that you just want to skip and just finish the damn test already.

RC-the passages that seem the most interesting usually have the hardest questions to answer....and vice versa

what else?

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Re: Trends you see after a couple PT's?

Postby gdane » Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:49 pm

I think the difficulty of the questions of the more interesting passages is offset by the fact that they are interesting and the reader can absorb information better. I find that when I can really engage myself in a passage, I do well on the questions. No matter how long, complex or confusing the questions and passage were. On the opposite end of that, when a passage is boring as hell I find it hard to absorb the info and subsequently answer the questions. It sucks...

Some trends? In LG there are always questions that seem really complex but really arent. A quick glance at the rules quickly eliminates almost all the incorrect answers.

For RC cant think of one.

In LR I think questions recycle themselves throughout the test. Youll get a lot of different questions that essentially have the same answer. Also, theres always one question that seems impossible at first glance, only to be really easy once you try it. Of course its tough to tell which one this is.


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Re: Trends you see after a couple PT's?

Postby cowgirl_bebop » Fri Sep 10, 2010 4:25 pm

Im also still struggling to get through the last game. I think the best I've even done on the LG section is -3, and that came with some pretty lucky guesses. There's usually one higher level deduction I miss in the beginning that would really help speed up the process.

For LR, at this point they all seem to be the same exact questions over and over. I think I saw a "parallel except" question the other day that surprised me, but other than that I feel like Ive done them all before. I thin they really need new material: if I see one more question about high cholesterol or high blood pressure Im going to puke.

I am firmly opposed to the RC section. I hate every passage every time, an unfortunately Im the type who finds it hard to focus if Im not interested. But I find that the comparative argument passages are the easiest/most interesting. For some reason I also struggle with big picture questions, like the main point questions. I dont know what's up with that, because they are supposed to be the easiest, but meh...

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Re: Trends you see after a couple PT's?

Postby rbhesser » Fri Sep 10, 2010 4:36 pm

cowgirl: I am the same way with RC. I hate main point questions and tend to develop ADD when trying to read through the passages. I have a hard time getting engaged in the material.

I agree with the LR material. I feel like there are a lot of questions that are incredibly similar to ones from other tests.

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