study plan until october - advice please

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study plan until october - advice please

Postby xqhp82 » Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:14 am

I'd like to seek some suggestions on modifying my study schedule below which I plan to follow over the next few weeks all the way until oct 10. I'm getting slightly worried now since my PT scores arent exactly consistent, and Dec retake isn't an option. Hopefully someone here can identify some ways that I can improve.

Target score: 167+

Have been studying for about 2 months now, finished 3 bibles, did all the practice questions from PT1-20, started doing 4-section timed tests from PT20-38, 5-section timed tests from PT43.

Avg score for PT20-38: 164 (highest 171 [only once...!], lowest 160)
The worst thing happened after PT 38, I scored 160, 164, 153 in that order over the span of one week...RC definitely bombed it, consecutively scored -12 when my avg. for RC was around -6

Materials left: PT45-60, Cambridge LSAT 410 difficult LR problems

Plan: (estimate 5-6 hrs a day)
Do a 5-section timed test every alternate day, 3 times a week; review the test in the afternoon
The remaining three days of the week I will do the 410 LR problems, and repeat any section that I bombed during timed PTs. Also repeat every game from PT20s onwards if time allows.

The only section left is RC, I'm not sure how to study for it since I've already made marks on most of the passages. I am going to make photocopies of the passages which I haven't done yet (the 50s) and repeat them after I've taken them timed.

My question is: would it be better if I stop doing PTs in chronological order and move on to the 50s first? Since I heard they have much harder RCs, which I need to work on, and slightly harder games? Or is it better to follow the order to get a feeling of the transition?

Another question: Should I focus on LG and LR until I get a consistently reasonable score (-0 to -4 per section) then move on to RC? I'm afraid improving my RC score may be hopeless no matter how much time I put on it.

I'd appreciate any feedback! :) anything necessary/unnecessary that I need to add/subtract ...

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