LSAT Prep course in So Cal - Los Angeles + Advice

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LSAT Prep course in So Cal - Los Angeles + Advice

Postby LastChanceLA » Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:33 pm

I have been researching LSAT prep courses and have come to this forum for some sound advice.

I have purchased the following books:

The Prinetion Review Cracking the LSAT 2010 Edition
LSAT 2010 Edition - Strategies, Practice, and Review
LSAT Logic Games Bible
The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests

So I bought the above four books and thought I would approach studying the LSAT on my own. I started going through the Princeton Review, Cracking the LSAT 2010 Edition and I have found it to be a bit confusing.

With that said, after evaluation things, I have decided that I first need to take a prep course before I use prep books. So, I have stopped reviewing the books as I dont want the conflicting methods to confuse me when I am in a prep course (which I'm not sure is or is not a good idea).

So, I come to the board with the following questions:

1. In So Cal, which prep course do you consider to be the most helpful (Blueprint, Testmasters, Kaplan, The Princeton Review, et cetera)? Also, If you have only taken one, please give me some feedback on the course. I know a course is only as good as the person teaching it is, but I believe the material is just as important.
2. Would you suggest I review some of the books before I take a prep course. If so, which one of the four books do you think is the "best one" to begin with.

I plan on taking the LSAT in June of the upcoming year, but I plan on taking a prep course this upcoming month. Keep in mind that I'm not currently in school so all of my time will be dedicated to perfecting my techniques.

Any and all advice will be highly appreciated. I know that the foundation to anything is highly important, so I'm trying to make sure that I have a sound start to things!

Thanks all!

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