June'07, Sect 2, #11

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June'07, Sect 2, #11

Postby MissLucky » Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:56 pm

From the free June '07 test - Can someone articulate for me why (D) is wrong?

Is it because it is too extreme in unequivocally saying "...the claim that the intellectual skills required and fostered by the literary media are being lost is unwarranted"? - The stimulus's conclusion is "So, what awaits us is probably a mere alteration of the human mind rather than its devolution." So is it that D and the stimulus are expressing 2 different levels of certainty? - the stimulus being more qualified than D?

Or is the issue one of terminology - the conclusion talks about the "human mind" while D talks about "intellectual skills" ... although, in correct answer choice C a similar switch/replacement in terms occurs (the part of the stimulus that the question stem refers to is about "intellectual skills" but the answer choice switches to the "human mind")

any help would be really appreciated!


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Re: June'07, Sect 2, #11

Postby ShuckingNotJiving » Mon Sep 06, 2010 5:16 pm

yeah, i think unwarranted is what makes it wrong. the stimulus isn't saying the claim is unnecessary or uncalled for, just that the claim is most likely incorrect in suggesting that intellectual skills will be lost.

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