First 15 LR problems in 15 minutes

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Re: First 15 LR problems in 15 minutes

Postby jarofsoup » Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:15 pm

You really only need to get threw the first ten in 15 minutes. I am usually happy if I am on 13 within 15 minutes.

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Re: First 15 LR problems in 15 minutes

Postby Richie Tenenbaum » Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:37 pm

gdane5 wrote:
Richie Tenenbaum wrote:
RFKScott wrote:Thanks for the tips. Maybe I can look to around 15 in 18 or so. I am around 85-90% on questions I do get to and I know with a little bit more time I can get those harder Q's i dont get to. I notice that sometimes I lose focus randomly and end up reading a stimulus, if even not that difficult, more than once. Definitely something I need to shore up. I assume its just all about practice, practice, practice.

I would still occasionally have to reread stimuli multiple times, even when I was getting between 0 - 2 wrong per section. It's all about improving your speed a little on the easier questions and just building accuracy with the medium to hard questions. Def easier said than done, but a lot of practice helps a lot. Also- keep in mind that you can skip questions. I would usually skip between 3-6 questions per section that I just didn't initially get (or I knew were going to be difficult) and save them for last.

Well this strategy can be somewhat useful if youre aiming for a specific score. If you know youre not going to get a 180, but a 165 or 170 is possible, you can target specific questions that you know you'll definitely get right. In this scenario the objective is to answer as many questions as you know you can get correct (like 100% sure), instead of finishing the section completely and missing a bunch because you were more concerned with time.

I missed 3 total on LR on the LSAT doing this, which was about my average on LR. You can definitely use this strategy to get into the mid to high 170s. The point is to not put the pressure on yourself to answer the questions in exact order if things don't click, especially since even on easy to medium questions your brain can be interpreting the stim in a slightly off way that immediately rereading the stim will lead to the same, incorrect reading. Coming back to the question with fresh eyes a little later can make things a lot easier on yourself.

I usually finish LR with time to spare to double check a few questions, but I still find skipping the occasional question and coming back to it very helpful.

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