december test date--which prep class makes more sense?

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december test date--which prep class makes more sense?

Postby maxpower430 » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:23 pm

so i want to take the december lsat, and the only real prep i've done is a kaplan class that i didn't do as much work for as i should have and hence did not make much progress. i've since gotten my act together, and am enrolling in a testmasters course (this might be the time to also ask if i should do testmasters or powerscore), and their dates essentially break down to start early autumn and get most of the lessons done by the end of october, with diagnostics and other review sessions throughout nov/dec, or start beginning/middle of october, and finish up with the lessons by the end of november. i feel like the early start date might be smarter, b/c that way i can practice a ton after learning the material as well as have review opportunities. am i wrong with this thinking? thanks


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Re: december test date--which prep class makes more sense?

Postby guinness » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:38 am

I'm taking a Powerscore class right now that ends at the end of Sept. My thinking is learn the strategy now and then have Oct / Nov for around 25-30 PT's that I can fully review and work out (in addition to the PT's we do as part of the course). Also, Powerscore has a lot of "additional reading" type of resources online that I plan on using (can't say if they are any good or not at this point).

So Oct - Nov would look something like this (all tests timed):

S - PT (later version)
M - PT Review
T - Powerscore additional study material
W - PT (later version)
T - PT Review
F - Off
S - PT (older version) / PT Review

Also, the week before the test I plan on working through Kaplan 180 book, and doing a final PT (Whatever the last is I can find) untimed and unscored -- don't want to rattle my confidence at that point but I do want to stay fresh with timing.

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