Advice Needed - Study approaches for Oct LSAT

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Advice Needed - Study approaches for Oct LSAT

Postby MrAdams » Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:12 pm

I began revision for the October sitting about 4 days ago. I was originally planning to sit the December diet but having decided that I don't want to be bottom of the pile of applicants I am instead shooting for the October diet with a December 'crutch' if need be.

I understand that I have left myself an excruciatingly small amount of time to prepare,..... but I am currently studying law in the UK and this is my final year (mostly dissertation) so honestly..... I can dedicate 90% of the coming 6 weeks into revising for this test and make up my course time after. For example, for the past 4 days I have put about 7 hours a day reading a chapter each of the LG and LR bibles and then re-reading the previous days chapter as well as sitting the practice questions and then really agonizing over understanding them... ESPECIALLY LG. When I am over my jet-lag I can put much much more time in. This means that I intend to have read both books -twice- by the end of this month and should by then have a pretty good understanding of how to tackle the test.

After this point is where I am stuck on how I should approach getting ready for the final in October and would really appreciate any opinions so I can have my plan down and solid and therefore feel confident.

I originally planned to take 2 tests every day except for on Sundays (my glass-of-whiskey-and-a-film-day and a break from everything; gym; diet; life; etc) which would have allowed me to get through 30 tests in 17 days un-timed, at which point I would go through the cycle again, but this time timed, thoroughly reviewing the correct answers to the tests and my answers through both cycles.

However, I have read through 'Stans' 'Bridging between un-timed and timed PT' method which consists of taking one LSAT timed and then immediately un-timed and then thoroughly reviewing the test. I note that over the course of 30 tests people have had great results with this method. I would only be sitting one test a day this way however and would therefore have sat only 30 tests before October,.... but I will have sat the test 'as many times' as my original plan.

Which method would you guys advise, or would you recommend something entirely different? I don't need advice on the work load... I have seen what people have said about diminishing returns here from lurking... but guys, if you want to study law you better get used to this kind of work... you will have to work this much at some point (some students I know do all year round,.. I am not as disciplined) and you cant write 'diminishing returns' on your final lol. In other words, I doubt I will have this problem from experience. Like I say though, any advice on what kind of approach you would take with no time considerations that would really be appreciated greatly.

Mr Adams


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Re: Advice Needed - Study approaches for Oct LSAT

Postby ly2010 » Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:28 am

I am also taking the October 9th LSAT. I didn't give myself too much time either...started beg of August. This is what I've realized so maybe it'll help. I am by no means an expert!

1) I def. think it's a good idea to take one day off. However, since you don't have a lot of time, maybe you can take one "whole" day off once every two weeks and just chill out a little every day so you do a little exercise or spend some time cooking something healthy.

2) When I took my cold diag. I literally freaked out on the LG and did 3 questions out of ...the whole section. So far I've only done maybe 30 games and I barely miss any anymore. I think it's safe to say that you won't need too many weeks for the LG. Work on RC timed because it's super hard to improve!

3) For LR - Based on the first couple of PT sections, focus on the Question Types that you miss a lot on. When I took my initial diag. I got a 100% on 5/ out of all the question types. I am working on those first and then I can review the others.

4) I kind of screwed up by forcing myself to take PT's timed when I wasn't ready. I wasted PT and now I can't use them anymore. I think going through the bibles twice is a good idea. I would recommend taking section/section at first for the first couple of PTs and then doing whole PT's timed. I don't know if that's good advice but it's made me feel better at least...

Good luck!


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Re: Advice Needed - Study approaches for Oct LSAT

Postby JJDancer » Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:55 pm

I think people freak out about doing enough PTs. Yes PTs are important but starting your studying by doing one a day will likely be counterproductive.
Start by working through the LGB and doing a couple of untimed sections of LR/RC/LG each day. If you can get most of them correct but it takes you 40/45 minutes then you know you just need practice and speeding up but if you are missing 10 questions per section even while doing it in 45 minutes, then you know you need to get the concepts down better and doing one PT a day will not help nearly as much as dissecting stimuli/answers. I would say do 1 week of untimed/timed sections AND REVIEW!. The second week do a semi timed PT (meaning try to finish in 35 minutes but if you can't just keep going and note how much longer it took) and REVIEW. Take a timed 4 section test later in the 2nd week. Do 3 timed PTs the third week and REVIEW. Fourth week - do 5 section timed PTs (2 or 3 of them) and REVIEW!

Good luck

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