RC pacing...last passage vs first three

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RC pacing...last passage vs first three

Postby wjun15 » Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:39 pm

I have been having trouble on my RC (i used to miss around 7 but these days I miss around 9-10)
I dont even know what I am doing differently but I this is something that I've experienced:

So I would take my time on the first three passages of RC and then find myself with only about 6-7 minutes on the last passage. However, it always seems like on the last passage I do better than the first three. Does anyone else experience this?

Maybe it means that I should speed up my reading (like how I read the last passage) on all my passages?

I find that the science passages, you cannot just skim over and read fast (under 3 minutes)...but some of the other ones you can...

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