PT 31 Section 2 LR

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PT 31 Section 2 LR

Postby roballen » Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:16 pm

Some questions on this section...

2. Got this right, but trying to use the PS method, if you negate D it says " Parasite of the sweet-potato whitefly is also a parasite of the silverleaf whitefly" which would weaken the conclusion bc it says the search has been wasted effort. Is this a correct explanation?

7. Got this right also, but why cant it be C since the stimulus says that "violence predates the rise in popularity of such music"

10. Can someone please diagram this?

14. How come this cannot be B and is E?

18. Please explain

21. Please explain how you get C. do you diagram this problem out?

23. Please explain how B works

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Re: PT 31 Section 2 LR

Postby Hannibal » Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:14 pm

7. That doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't incite violence. Unless you consider violence to be a humongous single entity.
10. If A didn't happen but would have sucked, you shouldn't have wanted A. Many things like A have not happened and many of them shouldn't have been wanted. Only works if some of these As would have sucked.
14. The conclusion doesn't preclude B. That person could have discovered it and not told anyone within the confines of the question.
18. They only talk about representation, yet drop the "can be art" bomb out of nowhere.
21. F only if G. G, so F. F is the promotion and credit, G is Helen resigning and deposit time before 3.
23. It's about avoiding a larger danger by accepting a smaller danger.

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