PT 29 Sect 1 # 18

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PT 29 Sect 1 # 18

Postby roballen » Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:43 pm

I asked about this question previously, but was wondering if anyone can show me how powerscore/testmasters would set this problem up?


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Re: PT 29 Sect 1 # 18

Postby harut44 » Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:03 pm



PCM--s--> WS

(the s in the arrow represents some)

PCM= Planning committee members
FID= Financial interests in decisions
S= Suburbs
WS= Work in suburbs

So now, since you have two statements that sort of quantify things, some and most, you have to see what you can logically derive from them. From the three above we see that all of the PCM do not live in the suburbs, that's definite, so we can conclude that some of those who have financial interests in the decisions DO NOT live in the suburbs. Also, We can conclude that some of the PCM who work in the suburbs do not live there.

These are the only logical deductions you can make from the stimulus- now on to the answer choices. Glancing through the choices, it could be a little tough to siphon through all of them since they are almost worded the same and well you'd have to go back to the stimulus to see which one makes sense. The answer choice is E, because it is one of the deductions we can make, logically, from the stimulus.

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