Turning up prep for my 2nd LSAT go around

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Turning up prep for my 2nd LSAT go around

Postby jdhopeful11 » Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:35 pm

OK so I finally graduated from UG this week, and I'm ready to take my Oct LSAT prepping to the next level.

This will be the second time taking the LSAT. In Feb, I scored a 152 which was a mistake taking. I was absent to the June test as well because I did not want to rush retaking. I spent a little under 2 months studying for the Feb test, but I used older material to study from, and it wasn't until 2 weeks before the test that I started looking at PTs in the 40s and 50s (huge mistake). I was kind of a naive newbie, and did not think that the test changed over time, or that it mattered which number test I studied from. I read both bibles, but did not really absorb the LR bible as much as I should have.

I was prescribed adderall 3 weeks before the test, and did not think that it would have negative implications on test day (I basically freaked the fuck out, blurry vision, could not think at moments!). I was also living in DC for the semester, and going to a full-time internship everyday while living in an apartment with homies and hot chicks down the hall. Although I kept my cool and remained disciplined by studying every day for a few hours, I could not dedicate the necessary attention to the test to score really well like I hoped. The testing conditions were also abysmal. I had to wait 3 weeks to take the test because of the snow, and on test day, it sounded like EVERYBODY had a cough - there was non stop coughing, it was absurd.

I did not have much time to prepare for the June test either, which is why I made the right move and did not show. I moved back home in May, and needed to get acclimated again before I felt comfortable to start prepping. I was also taking a 3 week accelerated course at my community college which, although was easy as hell, required a decent amount of attention. I was consistently PTing at 156 after only a couple of weeks of preparing by going over my wrong answers. The PTs consisted of 53-57 and the three in the LSAC prep book which I read.

Now I'm ready to turn my boosters up. I have 2 copies of Kaplan LR Mastery, I am re-reading a fresh copy of LR bible, I have 2 copies of the Kaplan LG grouping games (basically has almost every LG), 3 copies of PTs 40 - the most recent one, Kaplan Q-rater, and all the Kaplan test answers explained. I basically have an arsenal of study materials to keep me busy.

My question is, is it feasible to expect a 168+ on the October LSAT given my arsenal of kickass study material? I plan on re-reading the LR bible to get a stronger grasp of it since it can be too much at times. So far I've managed to read a third of it, and I can definitely say I understand it much better given all of my prepping and experience in the past. The irony of all of this is that RC is my weakest section,and none of these materials really help address it. I am solid with LG, maybe -3 TOPS, LR I'm at -11 TOPS (cumulative), and RC can be as bad as -11 based on my June prepping.

I will be going on vacation to Miami, Mexico, and the Western Caribbean in a week for 11 days. Would that hickup in my studying hurt? I plan on bringing some materials to work on every now and then. So once again, does a 168+ sound unfeasible?

Also, does anyone have any studying outlines in mind with respect to my materials?

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Re: Turning up prep for my 2nd LSAT go around

Postby gdane » Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:07 pm

Anything is possible. Its great that you have the prep material. Now go work with them. Read the Powerscore books, grasps the concepts, understand the question types, and get your timing down using PT's.

I would highly recommend that you CANCEL your vacations. 11 days might not seem like a lot of time, but in the span of less than 2 months it really is. I know that you have full intentions of doing some work while on vacay, but it just wont happen. You're going to some pretty fun places. Also, Miami sucks this time of the year. It's hot as hell and I'm thinking we're going to get some icky weather soon. I hate it here...

Good luck!

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