My SuperPrep B Timed Experience

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My SuperPrep B Timed Experience

Postby DrackedaryMaster » Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:56 pm

Well after reviewing my misses from SuperPrep A last night, I decided to give SuperPrep B a whirl. This time, only managed a 163 due to not getting to the seats at a table game in LG. Breakdown was (-6 LR, -9 LG, -5 RC, -4 LR).

On the first LR section, I struggled with timing. The last three questions I answered (#19, #22, #23, were all misses).

# 7 - I saw a ghost in (A), which I believe has the order reversed from what it would need to say to be correct. Not very good reading on my part. As a Level 4 Q, I’ve got to think this has got to be the main enticing wrong choice because the other 3 wrong choices didn’t make any sense.
#12 I’ve noticed a trend that my parallel reasoning accuracy has gone down since switching to timing. I missed the idea of two key premises and apparently didn’t have a grasp of the flow in the stimulus. More work on these to follow, because after taking so many PT’s, they don’t seem to be that difficult
#19. I fell for C, believing the submerged part of the rock could be a location where the Carbon-14 formed. Here’s another trend, still missing the a great number of Except questions where the Alternate Cause is involved in TCR.
#22. Last question attempted in time pressure with literally seconds to spare. Still need to work on parallel reasoning Qs
#23 Next to last question I attempted and really struggled with it. I failed to see the link that the TR provides. I think at first I might have skipped C cause I thought it was exaggerated, but going back it does make sense.
#25 I did not feel confident picking B, but I couldn’t see how weight played a role. I’m guessing this is saying if you have 500 garments, and the give the average garment weight of 10 ounces, then something with 5200 ounces would be like 520 garments, making weight count higher? I can think about this now, but this was certainly not the first thing that popped in my mind when reading the question choices under time pressure.

It’s not that LG was a catastrophe (the scale helps curve that), but it was frustrating not to get to all the games. Managed only to get three done (skipped the seats/chairs game), and missed three Q’s on those (#6, #10, #24).
#6 - Misread. I thought it was asking for the minimum number that could arrive before, and the number that could arrive AFTER K. Not sure what question I was reading, but anyway.
#10 - Another embarrassing miss. I had LO written down, got my rule backwards with Y have to be in there (not out of the forest). I’ll keep saying LOY-LOY in my sleep tonight.
#24 - While working out what had to be true, I saw an answer that matched that the Pines had to be there twice, because there’s no vanity, which means there’s an F, and it can’t be oak, etc, etc. Forgot it was an EXCEPT question.
Couldn’t get to the Seats game. Got all questions right after the fact, but didn’t count them. Had I guessed choice D for all of them, I’d be out of luck anyway.

-5 on the RC, which is disheartening because I’ve usually been able to get through with 3 or less.
#5? - The ghosts are really jumping out. Looked at the sentence underneath that indicated Jellyfish were not in schools. Missing a Level 1 is going to drive me batty!
#7 I changed this one from TCR to A, because in my reading of the survival, I thought if they couldn’t do defensive moves, what good would it be? LSAC decided to get tricky with the wording and play word games again. A-holes.
#13 I was torn between B&E and went with B because E seemed too strong.
#16 Didn’t look far enough down the referenced sentence
#18 Blah, Blah

-4 on the Second LR
#9 - This Q gave me trouble because I got stuck on the analogy that it meant something to the stimulus and made the argument and question more difficult.
#15- I see why A is correct, fell for E
#16 - I read this argument as “don’t blame the science, it’s the scientists that held the biased views fault”. I couldn’t translate it to A though.
#21 What?

Anyway, I’ll spend tomorrow going over this again, then probably will to C on Saturday. The games are way ridiculous though.

I sure hope this stuff is worth it. After this weekend of PrepTest C, I will finish the last 4 tests in the last “10” series book. At the beginning of September, I plan to tack the two “scene of the crime” from my horrific LSAT past, namely PT54, which I have not looked at in disgust for over two years (and actually I think I have to purchase it since I never saved it within the six months it was available). I’m looking forward to comparing my June 2008 answer sheet with everything I’ve been doing now, and hopefully good things will result.

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Re: My SuperPrep B Timed Experience

Postby Anaconda » Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:01 am

Everyone says the LG on Superprep B and C are ridiculous, and the rest of your scores look really good!

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