My Timed SuperPrep A Experience

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My Timed SuperPrep A Experience

Postby DrackedaryMaster » Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:50 pm

This is the 25th PT I’ve done (Completed PT 7 -32), although this is really the first one I managed to stay strictly under 35 minutes through the entire ordeal and not to break. Pretty intense than what I normally practice, at. Untimed, I can get anywhere in the 166-172 range. I figured once I started going to timing mode that I’d significantly drop off because I’d be forced to start picking answers instead of taking my sweet time. That’s been the main problem switching for me switching from un-timed to timed. The fact I’ve learned so much, I don’t want to give a single point up to blind guess. The flow of SuperPrep A seems strange compared to all the other 90’s PT. I felt confident, but still rushed.

Anyway, I got a 165, which isn’t too bad of a drop I guess. Still, I’m not exactly sure what the difficulty of PT A is. To me, it seemed easier and better written then some of its other PTs I‘ve done. And given the fact this test screwed me over in 08 unprepared, I’m still terrified I’ll get to the real thing, have a bunch of abstract BS Q’s to choose from two answers, consistently pick the wrong one, and walk out with another 140- something.

Anyway my breakdown is was as follows:

LR 1 (-3) #13, #14, #18 (Finished with just 1:37 to spare)
#13 was due to lack of knowledge of what “adducing” meant. If they wanted to say “Adds”, just say adds!
#14 I see why A is right. You know this question must be somewhat difficult when LSAC has to write out a lengthy explanation for why C is wrong.
#18 Hey look, an abstract question. Even so, my answer was dumb (this was the last Q for me cause I did the first, second, fourth, third format which worked out well. I will be reading this explan more closely tomorrow.

RC (-5) #7, #10, #20, #23, #24 (Finished with 1:24 to spare)
I usually only miss 2-3 Q’s in RC, but lately I’ve been tanking. #7 is unacceptable. Somehow in reading the last sentence of para 1, I thought that was a divorce and forgot it referring to a union. I need to review the explan for #10, while I fell for the trick in #20 talking about “twentieth-century” reference. Chose too strong a word in #23, and had the wrong point of view in #24. I absolutely will not be satisfied until my RC is down to less than 2 misses because I need this section to offset a potential crappy LR.

LG (-3) #12, 13, #24 (Finished with a whopping 47 seconds to spare)
I breezed through the first two games and had about 20 minutes left for the last two. Unfortunately, that’s where my mistakes came. #12 was a total misread of the last rule and a bad mistake. #13 was due to the fact I forgot the G/R rule. As for the last game, this was easy because I had just done a PT with the French/Russian Plays/Novels which is a spitting image of this game. Unfortunately, like that game, I missed the last question. I knew the OS RS RS had to be there, but looked over C, and failed to see you could have OW RW RW OS RS RS, which is four rectangles. Oh well, if I can finish LG with a 20 or 21, I’ll take it.

LR2 (-5) #5, #8, #20, #23, #25 (around 35 seconds remaining)
#5 Another misread due to lost point of view in the stimulus. By now I was getting tired and wanted to get this over with.
#8 I see why E is right, I fell for C.
#20 Wow, another Abstract question, go figure.
#23 This was the last question I answered, I started at C, read D, skimmed the others, chose C without really looking further. I didn’t have enough time to find the quantity discrepancy.
#25 Wow, it has suddenly occurred to me that what will become PT61 is probably laden with nothing but abstract questions with a -7 curve!. WTF does A say? 25+ of these Practice Tests in and I’m still no better at deciphering what the hell LSAC is trying to get across in these abstract answer choices.

Okay, sorry for the rant. Anyway, I plan to read all the LSAC explanations thoroughly for A again tomorrow night, then hopefully do B on Thursday. At this point, if I can stay in the 160’s, I’ll be happy and have met my goals.

One last thing, when I compared my Practice Tests scores (a combo of timed and un-timed) to my SuperPrep A score, the results were pretty much the average of what I’ve been getting. On average, I answer about 85 questions correctly, and miss 16 (-10LR, -2LG, -4RC). I really hope this stays consistent. or the error rate drops.

Anybody else have any experiences with PrepTest A? For those who’ve taken the LSAT before, how did any of the SuperPrep scores correspond to your real score?

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Re: My Timed SuperPrep A Experience

Postby Anaconda » Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:57 pm

Just took this a few days. Got a 162. The curve is really unforgiving. I think you need a raw score of 79 or 80 just to get a 160! I felt that the LG were unusual, which threw me off. To me the RC was easy, as was the LR. The LR was very straight forward, only a couple "abstract" questions. I've read on this board that some people don't do too well on this PT, it might be a combination of the LGs + tough curve, but I heard the LGs on Superprep B and C are MUCH harder.

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Re: My Timed SuperPrep A Experience

Postby yzero1 » Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:02 am

SPA was my worst PT so far.. I misinterpreted a rule on the third game which cost me a good 4 points off my raw score, and thanks to the beast of a curve, it ended up bringing my scaled score down 6 points or so. This was before my extensive drilling of games though, and so far I haven't experienced the same drop due to games.

I got LR Q25 wrong too.. hated that question. Essentially the answer is saying "just because something can have bad consequences if it were true doesn't mean that it can't be true".

I also was confused as hell by Q20 in RC.

EDIT: I took SPB today, and although it may be slightly tougher than A, the curve is much more generous. I ended up getting my max score.

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Re: My Timed SuperPrep A Experience

Postby Anaconda » Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:10 am

LR2 #20 and #25 were awful. I didn't understand what the hell the right answer choices meant. If you really analyze them though, you can kind of understand them. There's no doubt the abstract language is intentional - the stimuli themselves are pretty easy to work with. Those LSAC bastards.

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