Pt 37 Sec 2 # 16

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Pt 37 Sec 2 # 16

Postby Ssoto0055 » Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:05 pm

I narrowed it down to C and D and ultimately chose D. I felt it couldn't be C because the stimulus doesn't imply that because it doesn't presuppose that becuase something can happen it will. The stimulus seems to state that because it happened once it will happen again. I chose D but I may have diagrammed incorrectly to know for sure. It was more of a process of elimination. Can anyone help me to get on the right path? Thanks.


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Re: Pt 37 Sec 2 # 16

Postby NaturalLawyer » Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:21 pm

The reason why (D) is the right answer is that the media consultant is guilty of what is often called the genetic fallacy.

The fact that emergence of the traditional school depended on the availability of relatively inexpensive printed books does not logically imply that the traditional school still requires the availability of relatively inexpensive printed books.

This is a fallacy that is often found in the reasoning of atheists trying to disprove the existence of God.

The reasoning often goes something like:
(1) The concept of God arose because human beings found the concept of God to comforting. (Or, alternatively, evolutionary mechanisms)
(2) God must not exist.

It could be true that God does not exist, but that must be established on independent grounds, rather than simply revealing how the concept of God may have arose.

Nietzsche is sometimes accused of the genetic fallacy in his The Genealogy of Morals. He tries to show why Christian moral values such as compassion and charity are unjustified by revealing the origin of those values. But those values may very well be justified on other grounds.
(That was not meant to discourage anyone from reading Nietzsche! He is, I think, absolutely important and brilliant, though in my opinion, deeply mistaken.)

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