Tracking my progress through LSAT Extreme course started 8/3

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Tracking my progress through LSAT Extreme course started 8/3

Postby rockylo88 » Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:32 pm

I enrolled in an LSAT Extreme course and figured I'd put up my scores and track my progress so that those considering prep courses could have some first-hand info.
My 1st class was Tues 8/3, we did a diagnostic test. This was my first full diagnostic, though I've done a few LSAT questions, but un-timed. I scored a 153; however, looking at my test, my major problem was pacing--only finished half the Logic Games and about 3/4 of everything else. For the ones I didn't finish, I bubbled in A straight down--In two sections I got 1/5 and 0/5 on those 'guesses'.
My next Full-Length Practice Test will be at the end of August, but I'll probably update before then. As of now, I'm making sure that I attend every class/workshop and ALL of the assignments (including optional ones).

Practice Test Scores:

8/3-- 153

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