October LSAT or Bust: Study Log

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October LSAT or Bust: Study Log

Postby guinness » Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:29 pm

This will be a thread that I update to stay accountable during my study period (which is very short) for the October 10 LSATs.

Tonight I will be taking my first, timed diagnostic (Princeton Review -- I know, I know, actual is better, but I just want to get a feel) to just get a gauge on where my efforts need to be focused.

My basic plan is: Read RC / LR / AR sections of Princeton Review LSAT Prep Book (Done with LR / AR just need to read RC). To get a basic grasp on the test material. I will not be reading the games section of this book, however, since I only want to stick with the Powerscore method.

I have all three sets of the "Actual LSAT" books and plan on taking about 5 untimed just to practice, and the others under simulated test conditions. In addition I am taking the Virtual Powerscore Class starting in Late August to mainly learn the Bible material and have someone to answer questions.

Finally, I have the KAPLAN LSAT ADVANCED book that I will be working through the week before the test, taking 2 days before the test completely off to rejuvinate and recharge.

On a weird note, I'll be listening to LSAT hypnosis tapes to help calm anxiety / drive motivation for studying. I'm working full time, finishing a master's degree, and training for a marathon all at the same time, so I am legitimately burning the candles at all ends. I will be taking a vacation starting hours after the LSATs (Thinking of flying to Iceland for a week!)

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