In need of advice about canceling

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In need of advice about canceling

Postby ScoobySkills » Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:22 pm

Hey everyone, I'm new to this board, but I'm already in need of some good advice. Alright, so I just took the LSAT for the first time in June, and of course when scores were released, I received an email saying my score was on hold. I panicked, thought it was something I did, and then decided to wait until the following Monday to make moves. However on Saturday I was emailed saying the hold was because the test center had less than optimal testing conditions and that I now had the option to receive my score or cancel it. Also, with either option, I could request that LSAC send a letter accompanying this attempt, explaining the situation. So my question is does it look bad to have a canceled score on record, even in this type of situation? I went into the test having PT scores around high 150s - low 160s, and I have a feeling I probably scored somewhere in the high 150s. Therefore I know I'm bound to retake in October or December. So cancel or keep? :| Thanks guys!

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