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Postby Nulli Secundus » Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:53 am

I noticed something really weird while taking the practice tests.

Code: Select all

Test No:   LR   LG   RC   Raw Score   Scaled Score   Curve
7           -4   -1   -1         95        178            -15
9           -8   -3   -1           89        172            -15
10             -4     -1     -5             90          170               -11
11         -8    0   -1           92        172            -11
12           -6   -5   -1           89        168             -9
13          -10   -2   -5           84        168            -14
14           -6   -1   -3           91        170            -10
15           -4    0   -6           91        169             -9
16           -3   -1   -1           96        178            -14

With the exception of #13, I generally do better on harder (i.e. ones with higher curve) exams than on easier (i.e. ones with lower curve) ones. Can anyone make any sense of this data?

Also, looking at my performance so far, I think I should focus on LR mainly, do all agree?

Thanks in advance.

(Edit: Not a native speaker of English)

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Re: Weird...

Postby TommyK » Tue Jun 29, 2010 9:54 am

I noticed something similar with the Kaplan analysis on my practice tests. I tend to do very well on the four star questions (highest difficulty), but hit a hiccup on the three star questions, so tests that have a relative high portion of the four star questions (which would probably indicate a higher curve), I end up with a higher raw score and a higher scaled score.

The instructor suggested that it was because I recognized the four star questions as legitimately difficult and essentially my spider sense was tingling so I didn't fall for the typical pitfalls. For three star questions, my guard may not have been up as much so I could get tripped up.

Not sure if I buy into it, but it sounds plausible at least.

bp colin
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Re: Weird...

Postby bp colin » Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:19 am

I think there's some real truth to that. The really hard questions force you to focus and be extremely careful, while the easier ones you tend to breeze through as you get better and better. But this increases the chances that you miss something really obvious. So, if you're a 170s scorer, these easy questions can really start to be problematic, especially if there's more of them (as there are on the easier tests). One thing I've found that can help is to force yourself to slow down just a bit, and be a little more deliberate about the whole process.

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Nulli Secundus
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Re: Weird...

Postby Nulli Secundus » Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:58 pm

Hmm maybe, and anyone to analyze my performance so far and give me a few pointers?

Audio Technica Guy
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Re: Weird...

Postby Audio Technica Guy » Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:30 pm

1) Yes, you probably want to focus on LR the most.
2) My guess (and it's just that without actually reviewing your tests with you) is that you tend to try to make easy questions harder than they are and miss really "simple" reasons why a certain answer is wrong. This could also be the non-native english speaker thing coming in.
3) Part of it is also probably because you're very good at games, and games difficulty is the biggest factor when it comes to the scale. Having a difficult games section helps you, because it gives you more room to make "simple" mistakes on LR.

If I had to make a guess and a prescription, I'd say you're naturally very good at the LSAT, however, there are probably some questions and some answer choices where your unfamiliarity with the language hurts you a little. Since those types of mistakes can just as easily be made on an easy question as a hard question, that's probably where your ability to do better on harder tests comes from.

I'd say you really want to focus on getting to the point where you immediately understand what each question in LR is asking, as I've found that's a substantial time suck and area for errors with non native speakers. They get the logic aspect, they're just often unsure of what is being asked.

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Nulli Secundus
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Re: Weird...

Postby Nulli Secundus » Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:34 pm

Thanks for the tips, much appreciated.

sumus romani
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Re: Weird...

Postby sumus romani » Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:40 pm

Hey OP, I was the exact same way too. I really excelled on PTs when the curve was set at -14 or so. I also tended to get the hardest questions right, and miss random middle or easy ones. It was really frustrating. Definitely focus on the LR, given your scores. If you've only take this small a number of PT, and yet are scoring that high, you'll kill it. Just keep working hard.

Keep in mind thought that the games do get quite a bit harder as you get into the more recent tests. You'll do fine.

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