International Student predicament

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International Student predicament

Postby Alucard » Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:51 am

Hi everybody,

This is my first post on TLS. I came across TLS coincidentally while I was waiting for the 2010 June LSAT scores to come out (Wish I found out about it earlier). I like the atmosphere of law "candidates" and students who come here to help and share their knowledge and experience. It made the wait a little bit harder but also provided me with insights.

Now to the main point, as you might have guessed I am not happy with my LSAT score (actually very disappointed). I am a native Arab with Arabic being my first languege. However, I went to school in the states for my BS in Engineering. I took the Kaplan course and studied their books only for 7 weeks (didn't really have much of a choice as I will be sponsored by the company I work for and they chose to send me to that course to prepare for the LSAT). Now, the company's policy is that I will be sponsored on a full scholarship to any law school I can get admitted to as long as I get a minimum LSAT score of 150. Guess what I got? 149 (Ouch!). My diagnostic was 144 and PTs average was 155 (highest being 157). I do really well on LGs (anywhere from -5 to -0), not as good on LRs (ranging from -5 to -10 per section), and the worst on RCs (-10 all the way to -17). I don't have a lot of problems understanding and answering the LSAT questions most of the time when I have all the time in the world but my slow reading (due to english being a languege I started learning in high school) is killing my scores on PTs and obviously the real thing. I have a great desire to go into law school and pursue a legal career and willing to put the effort preparing and going through law school. I just I need to overcome this test first before I can do anything about all of that.

So knowing my background and my goals (I want to score in the 160s and even 170s if possible) what would you guys recommend/suggest for me to do since I am retaking the Oct. LSAT? I am going to use Kaplan's Mastery since many recommended that. I just got powerscore bibles last night and planning on reading them soon. I have preptests 1-45 and going to try and find 46-59. I am working full time as an egnieer but have 3 months to prepare for the retake. I was thinking about tackling one of the three sections a day (LG, LR, RC) and take a PT on weekends then review it and figure out my mistakes. Should I get testmaster's material as well? any other materials recommended? It would help a lot if any non-English speakers who did well on the LSAT would contribute here as well as anyone else who can help in anyway.



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Re: International Student predicament

Postby johnpack30 » Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:29 am

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