Prep burnout

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Prep burnout

Postby bmeersma » Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:27 am

Hey all,

So I'm brand new to the forum but extremely glad I found it. I registered for the June LSAT in March, and after dealing with 18 semester hours, mono during the entire month of April and beginning of May, AND dealing with LASIK complications, I was finally able to really crack down and study for about 3.5 weeks before the test. Now, I know this is hardly any time, but I was able to consistently score between 162-166 on the PTs (up to two per day) while cramming the LGB. Problem is: as test day neared, my scores and ability to focus dropped, as did my mental stamina. It came as no surprise I bombed the test with a 155 as I felt just burnt out while taking it.

That being said, with over three months to the next LSAT, how many hours/day are you guys studying & prepping and what would you recommend with such a large time frame. I would take a course, but here in Iowa City the only one offered is Kaplan (which I have heard very mixed reviews) so I plan on mastering the PowerScore Bibles which I was only able to speed through before the June test.

I HAVE to get around a 165 to get in to my number one school (Iowa), so any suggestions from recent test takers who scored well will be greatly appreciated.



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