To Those Who Have Scored 180s

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Re: To Those Who Have Scored 180s

Postby Woozy » Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:57 am

OP: You should check out this thread for some more views on this topic.

People are giving good advice about taking a holistic approach (exercise, mindset, motivation, etc.) to maximize your performance, but I would argue that at an average around 170 test understanding is still a larger problem, especially since you are regularly going -0/-1 in LG. This means your LR/RC are more like 160-165 level and your LG is carrying you to 170. From the ranges you gave (-2 to -8 in LR/RC) I would say that studying the more difficult questions of LR/RC should be your top priority in the short run.

Bryan wrote:Something that I've never seen discussed on here but that I think helped me is that I treated the LSAT like a competition. This probably sounds lame but if you know someone with a high score who annoys you (it could be a sibling, the guy who always talks in your politics class or even a forum poster), it helps to use that as motivation. Work on beating them! I mean, guys like Tiger and Michael dominated their sports not just by being physically gifted but also because they had such desire to win. Even on test day, it might help to focus on beating the kids sitting around you. I know this sounds antagonistic and even douche-y but honestly it might give you that extra edge.

I really like this approach. I am a naturally competitive person, and without consciously realizing it I used it during the real test. The guy next to me was finishing so fast I could not believe it. I was killing the test - I finished every single section in under 30 min, some well under - and still he was putting his pencil down a few minutes before me on almost every section, and just looking around, not even checking his answers. To this day I still have no idea whether he was a total moron or one of the biggest LSAT bad asses on the planet. Either way, sitting next to him had a positive effect on my motivation.

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