Post-First Time LSAT Taker (Took it Asia June 27th) Advice?

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Post-First Time LSAT Taker (Took it Asia June 27th) Advice?

Postby neptunestar » Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:50 am

Hi everyone - been an avid reader of the forums as I got ready for the LSAT but never signed up until today... My test day.

Took the LSAT today (June 27th) in New Delhi, India...

I have been studying since February with a pretty rigorous schedule to be honest and my last month I was scoring in the mid-170s on all of my practice tests (with my few wrong being spread out between RC and LR) - almost always get -0 on LG.

For sure it was partially nerves but I'm not sure what happened today - I felt completely shellshocked/nervous/anxious and blurry. It was almost like I was going through the motions and reading everything at the usual pace but not retaining.

Anyways - I had to guess (blindly) on about 6 throughout the entire test (is that normal?).

Once again - I think I nailed the LG (both sections that I had) but LR and RC were considerably more difficult when your heart is racing.

My main question - do I keep this score? I know that it wont be in the range of my practice tests where I usually get -6 wrong total and if I guessed on that many to begin with then I am probably looking at something considerably lower than usual. I'm guessing a re-take in October is a must at this point... But what to do about the June score?

Aiming for Fordham Sept 2011 and I have a 3.1 GPA with 2 years of work experience in big law + legal NGO work in India + other considerable softs (a masters degree in economics).

ok - end of rant.


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Re: Post-First Time LSAT Taker (Took it Asia June 27th) Advice?

Postby navi786 » Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:57 am

Hey !!!

Lol rem. me , the guy who told u which section was Experimental ??
we met at the %$^# ..... hahaha

I am soooooo pissed off at myself rite now, test was crap ! 2nd section was exp. 5th section i had the poorest retention ability and that was a LR one of my strongest !! Messed up...

Anyways, I think we shudnt rush and just wait for the score to get in...
But then again i am aiming at a law school that takes best Score....

If u planin on giving the Oct. at new delhi ,do let me know... i will be starting prep rite after the score comes in ...

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