Post test moment- hanging on to hope...know you will win

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Post test moment- hanging on to hope...know you will win

Postby goawaybee » Sat Jun 26, 2010 6:32 pm

BIG TIME FWIW post here.

F*CK defeat. Big black hole and nothing exciting to observe in the rabbit hole of defeat and or depression.

I have been feeling a bit down but that is par for the course when you perform terribly. I believe most on here would assume I am batshit crazy and nonsensical. I support that for the most part. But after 31 yrs of living I feel some of my experience is worth something. The following post is for those in need of a reality check.

I am one of those people who will never achieve my goals because as soon as I get close I will raise the bar and keep pushing on. I feel that if I were to ever set a goal and achieve it I would become lazy/stagnant and so on. I feel many on here share a similar disease.

After beating myself up for months (knowing I would eat sh#t on this june test) I just realized that I was being a complete fool. I was focusing on my wants/desires and not appreciating everything I have done and actually do. by being fixated and stressed I totally screwed myself. I think all of you should have some peace of mind and feel good about committing to studying and sitting for the exam. If you did well AWESOME, I am psyched out of my mind for you. If you did worse than you were hoping well we have a full boat but there is always room for more. I am sitting right next to you along with thousands of other people rowing up shits creek.

I honestly believe you should feel good about getting it out of the way (1st, 2nd or 5th time). Appreciate the fact that you busted your ass (assumption) and did the best you could at that moment. An organism is always doing the best it can at all times to survive. That is reality. The slightest thing can ruin you, it takes practice (not just practice test but real life STRESS) to build yourself to the point where you do not fold under pressure. Just another day in the life. Don't waste a single moment dwelling on the past, focus on right now. The present moment is the only thing you can control. Past is gone and future is just based off of past experience and projecting from there. Stay focused, maintain balance in your life. This is a part of the whole. Yes I fully understand the importance of the exam. I also understand the importance of keeping your head on and not allowing something to consume you. I failed to apply the knowledge I had learned from my past and especially the most recent knowledge I gained from this forum. That is unacceptable. Lesson learned.

More work ahead but I wanted those who are feeling down to realize that it will pass. If this is indeed the path you want (or feel the need) to walk in life, Let nothing get in your way. If it takes 2 years to pull off how you would like that is fine, you will also have a better idea if it really is a goal and you want it to become reality. Feel good about who you are and all the good you do and have done in your life thus far. Don't feed the negative, it can destroy you on the test and in life. If you think that f*ckin' up on the test was bad wait and see what else life throws at you. It won't seem that bad. I appreciate everyone on here wether elitist, smart ass, pessimist, happy go lucky, aware, avg. john/jane Q. or otherwise. To all those who feel defeated, pick yourself up and get focused. Stress will end your life prematurely. For those that did well. F*CK YEAH.

It all comes down to doing.

Over n out.

(hope I saved at least one human from utter depression.)
doubtful but I cling to some distant cloud I will call happiness

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Re: Post test moment- hanging on to hope...know you will win

Postby WhatSarahSaid » Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:47 pm

It all comes down to doing.

I like this.

This is a solid mindset. Everyone (me included) stresses a lot about the LSAT and the application cycle (and probably about lots of other things). Nice post.

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