The final week of prep

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The final week of prep

Postby greg737 » Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:12 am

So, for all of you who did well on this June test, I was wondering how the final week of prep went for you guys.

For me, I took one PT like on the Tuesday the week before, but then kept doing timed sections each day through Saturday. I did poorly on an RC and LG on Friday, so I panicked and did several more throughout Saturday to make sure I "got it" again. I think I may have psyched myself out.

Anyway, I was PT'ing around 161-163, but dropped all the way to a 153. Bombed both the games and RC. I'm pretty unhappy about it.

So, was my last week's plan a good one; if there's better ideas I'd love to hear them for the next time around.

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