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pacing help

Postby northwood » Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:33 am

I am having trouble with pacing on the LR. I am finishing the entire section waaaay too fast ( approximastely 26 minutes) and it is absolutely KILLING my progress. when I take the sections untimed and very slowly, i do much better. When i know I am practicing, i find myself rushing through the reading to get to the answer choices, or I read the stem and rush through the answer choices. I know that I have approximately a minute and a half for each question, ( in a 25 question section)0 but still I cannot slow down. Is there any tips or suggestions out there? I have a stopwatch that I use, but hasn t helped much

thanks and good luck to all who need /want it


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Re: pacing help

Postby Hey-O » Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:48 am

A couple of possible things you can do:

1.) Time yourself doing the PTs, but don't have a time go off. Give your self as much time as you need, but then just check your time at the end. This way way you can start getting a feel for your timing without feeling rushed. So it takes you 40 minutes, or 45, or 38. Then start with a timer in that range and work your way down. 45, then 40, then 35, then 30. (I found PTing at 30 minutes to super helpful when I took the real test. I was completely relaxed for time).

2.) Practice doing 10 in 10. This is ten easy question (at the beginning or end) in 10 minutes. This helps with getting the initial timing down. This again gives you a feel for the timer. Once you're comfortable doing 10 in 10 then when you do the real test you'll realize you don't really need all to rush.


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Re: pacing help

Postby hax123 » Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:12 am

I think it's best to work at a pace that comes naturally to you. Like you, I complete most LR sections in about 20-25 minutes. After I finish each section, I review every problem. For the easy questions, I perform perfunctory answer check and move on; for the difficult questions -- which I marked when I first worked through the questions -- I reread the problem and go through all of the answer choices again, making sure that I have a valid reason for eliminating the ones I don't choose. This strategy has worked well for me, and I usually miss no more than one question on each LR section.


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Re: pacing help

Postby katiem » Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:28 am

I did sections that quickly when I first started studying, but it was because I didn't really know how to approach the questions. If you haven't already, read the Logical Reasoning Bible. Identifying the conclusion of every argument, prephrasing when appropriate, and thoroughly reading/considering every answer choice takes more time than just zooming randomly through.

And if you've already done that, just calm down and try to work more slowly. Once you're doing the questions right, you can speed back up (I was back to finishing in 25-30 minutes by the end of my prep, but missing 0 or 1 per section instead of 3 or 4).

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