How are you going to check your score?

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Re: How are you going to check your score?

Postby furrywalls » Thu Jun 24, 2010 1:33 am

PlugInBaby wrote:alicrimson wrote:
kesexton wrote:
furrywalls wrote:
I say fuck checking the curve or the score first. I just wanna find out who's getting the free LSP shirt.

I don't think I would wear that shirt unless LSP picked up my bar tabs when I wore it.

Agreed. I feel like if I was in my Contracts class and some fool walked through the door, the gunner alarm would need to sound and everyone would auto hate that person.

They could be wearing it just to be ironic.

...Really hoping that the sarcasm wasn't too subtle in my earlier post. Sometimes I forget that people occasionally take me seriously.

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