Cancelled score for June 2010 but still on hold

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Cancelled score for June 2010 but still on hold

Postby thiskidisalright » Tue Jun 15, 2010 9:31 am

Hey guys. I've been reading the the board for a while now, first time posting though. I have one question I wanted everyone's opinion on. I took the the LSAT on June 7th but there was a problem with noise disruptions at the testing center. I spoke to the proctor about the situation and she made a note of the disruptions. I knew walking out of the test that I had done poorly due to the distractions and sent in the forms to cancel my score the next day. I also filed a formal complaint about the disruptions hoping that I could maybe get the fee for my retake waived. I haven't heard back from LSAC at all but on my account it still has my status for the test as "temporarily on hold". I assumed that they would outright cancel the score since I submitted the form but it looks like their researching my complaint first. Does anyone know if this is the normal procedure or should I be worried that they somehow did not receive my cancellation form? I'm starting to get nervous that it's taking so long.

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