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LR Advice

Postby sgp_lycee » Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:16 pm


I'm taking the Asia June LSAT in 2 weeks and my LR just isn't coming together... infact it's falling a apart. It seems like the more I study the more I get wrong (which probably means I'm over thinking things...) When I look at the categories I've seen that the questions I miss the most are assumptions and flaws. I'm doing pretty well with finding the conclusion and argument but actually getting what the assumption should be is just not clicking.

Question: Any advice on assumptions and or finding flaws within the stimulus?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Re: LR Advice

Postby mst » Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:31 pm

What kind of prep have you done so far? It might help us if we can point to parts of your lessons that you've already read or texts that you might have, in order to facilitate this a bit.

That said, with assumptions, here's the best tip: Look for the answer choice that, if neglected, would lead the argument to fall apart. Exclude answers that are outside the scope of the statement, or go too far with the statement. Assumptions are simply unstated premises. They must be understood to connect the dots in the argument, but they are not stated because the speaker assumes you can connect the dots.

Finding the flaws: Here's a trick... There's ALWAYS going to be 4 answers wrong, and 1 right. You want to look for assumptions within the argument, or other parts of the argument, that can be discredited. LSAT saying "most weakens" is just covering its ass. There is ONE answer that will weaken it.

With both question types, you want to try your best to QUICKLY hypothesize an answer before going down. If you can't quickly find an answer yourself, look at the choices. With assumptions, 4 will not be necessary for the argument to be complete. You can get rid of them and it still makes sense. The correct assumption MUST be there for the argument to be logical. For Flaws, you want to find the answer that will attack the arguments stated premises, assumptions, or conclusion. 4 answers will either do nothing or do the opposite of what you want. 1 of them will weaken.

Let us know what books/methods you've used so we can play off that...


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Re: LR Advice

Postby Hey-O » Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:49 pm

For me a huge help with flaw questions was going through all my old prep tests and finding all the flaw questions. Then I identified the flaw and wrote it next to the question. Then I looked at the answer choices. This helped me with pre-phrasing and with understanding what the flaws are and how LSAT phrases flaw types. This changed my score from missing at least one flaw question per test to missing usually none.

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