Why Cancel?

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Why Cancel?

Postby Zach5608 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 5:18 pm

I know the original reason is because a low score could permanently cripple admissions chances. But a lot of (most?) law schools say they'll use a retake score without holding a previous lower score against the candidate. Is their an advantage to canceling that I'm missing here?

Also, if someone could give me some canceling advice for my own case, it would be appreciated. :P

I took the LSAT in February and got a 161. This was remarkably lower than my lowest practice scores, so taking it again made sense. Now I've taken it a second time, and have a bad gut feeling about it. I had to make seven LG guesses, and while I think it may be higher than my original score, it definitely smells like a bad attempt (as in, I definitely could have done better in that particular section). I think I'll sign up for my third attempt in October. But I don't think my score was worse than the first attempt, and if it was, definitely not by much. In both cases, I'm sure nearly all my mistakes will have been in the LG section, so I feel like I could really get a high score if I get some LG-specific tutoring.

So, if I take it a third time, will it make a difference whether I dropped the second? Is there a bias against dropping? A preference for dropping over a lower score? What makes sense here?

Anyway, thank you for any feedback.

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