Taking LSAT three times

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Taking LSAT three times

Postby pdrez » Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:27 am

Hi all,

I need some expert opinions on this one (or just some people who have gone through the same things):

Is it frowned upon to take the LSAT three times by most major institutions? Do most schools average out the scores, or take the highest, or ignore someone who has had to take it three times (specifically the University of Texas at Austin, where I am from and where it is my dream to go back to for law school).

I took it yesterday, and the test did not stump be but rather I made some pressure-packed mistakes that i regret (such as not starting my watch on the last section and accidentally misrepresenting an entity in a logic game with the wrong letter, throwing off my timing for that entire section). Human mistakes that I regret.

Should I take it again in October if I do not receive the score I want for the second time?


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