Question about score cancel vs potential lower score

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Question about score cancel vs potential lower score

Postby GoBroncos22! » Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:52 pm

Well, here I am again, the night before the LSAT realizing that I have not been studying enough-what a surprise. I feel very confident however, I am much more relaxed than the first time through. Of course, there is still the pessimistic side of me fearing I will score LOWER than the first time through (which in all honesty I really dont see happening, but who knows, I could crumble when I get that thing in front of me again). And I am soooo stubborn that I would most liekly refuse to cancel my score even if I knew I got a 140. If hell freezes over, and this score is lower, will that negate my higher score? Does it look alot worse on apps if your first score is higher than your second? Like it was some kind of fluke and you just got lucky? Would I be better of cancelling if I really think I did poorely? Am I freaking out without justification like Im sure everyone else on these boards are who are taking it tomorrow?

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Re: Question about score cancel vs potential lower score

Postby vespertiliovir » Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:56 pm

statistically, most people (at least at the higher end of the score range, perhaps not in general) actually score lower on their second attempt. while this obviously says absolutely nothing about your chances tomorrow -- good luck! -- adcomms are surely used to seeing a slight dip. clearly it's not going to help your case, but i don't think it'd be as negative as you might think.

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