Maintaining your Practice Test Average on Test Day

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Maintaining your Practice Test Average on Test Day

Postby jbill » Wed Jun 02, 2010 5:46 pm


I was wondering what people here take to be key ways in which one can keep their actual LSAT score (in this case June 2010) in line with their test average. I have heard some people say that the score tends to drop and I have heard others say that it sometimes increases. What can I do to avoid the drop and maintain my average (or better yet control the adrenaline of writing my official test in order to improve upon my practice test scores.)

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Re: Maintaining your Practice Test Average on Test Day

Postby Remnantofisrael » Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:05 pm

Four things-

1) Talk to an athlete if you can, or if you are one, think about prepping for a big event. This sounds so cheesy but I don't care. Visualize success before you even open that book. Then, once you've opened that book, its just like any other practice.

2) Once that book is open, remember, YOU KNOW this stuff. You've been practicing like a crazy person for months. DON'T second guess yourself in ways you wouldn't if it were just a practice run. You are bound to think, "Gee, this seems right, but this one time there was a tricky aspect and I was really looking for an assumption like this and blah blah blah". And you're thinking all this while you should be focusing on the next question. It's not worth it. Don't double think. MOVE ON. If you really aren't 100% sure, circle the question and push it out of memory till you have finished everything else. You've already answered it, why waste more time? If its wrong, the extra time you spend fixing it is likely going to cost you time on the harder questions, and if you move on, you can always come back.

3) Don't aim for perfection. You get to the second logic game, its something that seems new and strange, you've spent 4 minutes setting it up and can't answer anything. Move on. You WILL have time to come back. And for all you know its something simple and will make the next 6 questions cake. But if you are HELL BENT on a 180 or whatever, you are more likely to waste time and kill yourself. Sure you answer those 6 questions, but now you have 10 minutes for 2 games and you likely missed 2-3/6 anyway. And if you are freaking over a LR question, get over it. That para-reasoning question that is an entire column long? Don't spend 6 minutes on it. If you are struggling, move one and come back to it later. Its one point. There are entire tests where the last half of the LR questions in a section were all 4 stars, not because they were so hard, but because so many people got stuck on an early question and wasted all their time.

4) This is the big one- always remember, its just a test. first, you can retake it. Second, as much as the A-holes on this board like to drive home that Penn will make you rich and powerful while Vandy will make you poor and working at Walmart, they are dead wrong.

(source- brother who is going to Michigan in fall, others who have recently gone through all this)

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