Nerves during games

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Nerves during games

Postby schand » Mon May 31, 2010 1:56 pm

I just took PT 59 today and I got 6 wrong on the games. I was still able to finish out strong with a 170, but I need some advice for games. I think I just get real nervous because of all the different rules and not being able to make deductions quickly. Especially when I get to questions and have to test out every answer chouce, I get extra frustrated and slows down my speed. Should I just skip thoes? I feel they are too many to skip though. Any advice on how to overcome this? I've read the LGB and have done almost all the games. Please help. Thanks :)


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Re: Nerves during games

Postby Oblivion_08 » Mon May 31, 2010 5:50 pm

I'm not in the 170 range myself, but I usually get 4-6 wrong of LG on PT's. Why don't you go about doing 3 games and leaving one for the last 5 minutes to guess or make quick deductions...That helps a lot of people I know. They went from 12/24 to 17-18/24 by doing that..hey it might even help you go from 18/24 to 21/24 you never know.


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Re: Nerves during games

Postby Saltqjibo » Mon May 31, 2010 11:46 pm

I have the same problem. If i'm in the zone, I'm perfectly confident and accurate, but if I get rattled by screwing something up or not being able to answer a question my nerves get the better of me and i'll go -5 or so. The main thing seems to be time, if I get a game that takes too long early I seem to screw myself over. whereas if the lengthy games are #3 and #4 and i can speed through the first two then I'm golden.

Another thing that has helped me is to constantly keep working. If you see one of those crazy questions that essentially seems to call for 5 hypos and start to freeze up and look for the big deduction to crack the question. if you can't make the deduction after looking over the answer choices. eliminate obviously wrong ones and then just start calmly going through the hypos. This might take 2 minutes but if you don't panic and just start to approach it, the question won't really slow you down all that much.

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