PT 52, Sec. 3, #'s 10, 13, 23

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PT 52, Sec. 3, #'s 10, 13, 23

Postby ltrutledge » Sun May 30, 2010 8:00 pm

I was not a fan of this section... I only missed 1 on Sec. 1. :(

10: I just can't wrap my head around this one. Why is E correct?

13: Why D? Why would there have to be a net increase in employment? Wouldn't the employment rate remain at a constant rate since presumably those people being injured are already employed and we're simply making sure they can continue to work?

23: Why A? Why not D?


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Re: PT 52, Sec. 3, #'s 10, 13, 23

Postby HiLine » Sun May 30, 2010 8:21 pm

I got 10 and 23 correct and 13 wrong. While I will look forward to an explanation for 13, here are my reasonings for the other 2 questions:

10: Samuel says communication via computer contributes to the dissolution of communal bonds; by saying this he assumes that such communication takes away time that otherwise could be used to reinforce those bonds. Therefore he will agree with E. On the other hand, Tova argues that such communication actually replaces asocial behavior, which means that people who don't communicate via computer will spend their time on asocial behavior. Tova will therefore disagree with E.

23: Answer choice A simply reiterates the last sentence of the stimulus. The 'As a result' part of the sentence points to the mechanism whereby the phenomenon takes place. D is wrong because it confuses a sufficient condition with a necessary condition.

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Re: PT 52, Sec. 3, #'s 10, 13, 23

Postby WhatSarahSaid » Sun May 30, 2010 8:24 pm

10) Samuel uses the phrase "people who would otherwise interact in person," while Tova says that computer use "replaces asocial or even antisocial behavior." Samuel believes that people are using the computer to talk to people in the place of talking in person, while Tova believes that people are using the computer to talk in place of not talking at all. Choice E states this difference.

13) D doesn't mention the employment rate; it mentions a "net increase in employment," or just an increase in the number of workers. You need this assumption because the prompt's argument is that, if lives are saved, [there will be more people employed and] their earnings will increase the country's GNP.

23) The word "only" in D is the reason that D is wrong. The bacteria might be able to thrive indefinitely in some other environment.

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