My only consistency is my inconsistency... anyone else???

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My only consistency is my inconsistency... anyone else???

Postby ltrutledge » Sun May 30, 2010 5:58 pm

I was getting pretty discouraged about my scores and considering rescheduling for October, because I've been consistently going -10 on RC and -3/5 on LG. I got a tutor and we worked on RC, and I just took a practice test and only missed 2... but on the games I missed 9! It was the Sept 07 test. I can't decide if I've really magically improved at RC that quickly (although she did have me make some pretty radical changes) or if the games were a fluke, or both... and prior to the last few weeks, RC has always been great for me and LG have always sucked... I guess I'll just have to take another test tomorrow and find out!

Anyone else experience this drastic tradeoff between two sections?

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Re: My only consistency is my inconsistency... anyone else???

Postby confusedlawyer » Sun May 30, 2010 6:07 pm

Take another test and see how you do. If you do poorly again on logic games, maybe there is a type of game that is giving you the most trouble. I'm not the best to give advice on logic games because I have always just been good at it. RC depends on the passage, if they are about something interesting it can be fun, if its about 13th century art and literature, well, it probably won't be a good one for you

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