Started studying last summer but quit, need advice

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Started studying last summer but quit, need advice

Postby 3millioncolors » Sun May 30, 2010 1:20 am

Hey Guys! I have been reading some of the posts here and it's real great to see what all the experts are saying.

I hope I can get some real good advice on how to proceed.

I started studying for the LSAT last year, in the summer I took PowerScore. My cold prep test was 140, I worked my way up to 155. I got really discouraged after I stopped seeing improvement because I want to get 160+ and land in one of those top 5-=60 law schools.

For those who have taken such a time off, how do you get back in it? Also, should I take another prep course or just read the ScorePerfect books.

Also, has anyone taken Blueprint? How is that?


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Re: Started studying last summer but quit, need advice

Postby shock259 » Sun May 30, 2010 12:09 pm

I took about 6 months off after my first test before studying again.

I warmed back up with a diagnostic test, then did the Powerscore Bibles (all 3). I would do another PT after each one and practice some section types. After I was feeling good, then it was PT time. I did 3-4 each week for months. I also worked through the Kaplan 180 book while doing these PTs.

All in all, I didn't lose much from before I stopped studying. I think my "second" diagnostic was what I actually scored on my last test. It just went up from there. I think the fresh mindset and perspective helped.

Good luck.

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