Second LR section harder than the first?

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Second LR section harder than the first?

Postby confusedlawyer » Thu May 27, 2010 11:43 am

Doing a PT everyday, and have noticed that the first LR section is for the most part pretty easy with a couple tough ones at the end. However on the second LR around questions 15-24 they get really hard with some answers coming from way out of left field, and also some questions where none of the 5 seem right. This bugs me because I have to do well on LR because RC... Well I am RC's bitch. Have never gotten better than -7. But I usually get -4 to -6 on LR and -2 to -4 on LG. Need a 165...............................................................................

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Re: Second LR section harder than the first?

Postby LSAT Blog » Thu May 27, 2010 11:48 am

The 4 sections you take in a published PT are not necessarily the order in which you would have taken them back when it was originally administered.

In other words, the sections are scrambled.

(However, you are correct in that there is a general increase in difficulty over the course of any one LR section.)

It's more likely the case that you're fatigued by the time you get to the second LR section.

A PT every day is too much for most people. You don't want to burn out.

Also, you should be taking most of your timed PTs as 5-section exams. You'll be taking a 5-section exam on Test Day due to the insertion of an experimental section.


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