PT 54, LR Sect 4, q16 & 23

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PT 54, LR Sect 4, q16 & 23

Postby freddie » Wed May 26, 2010 9:40 pm

Can't wait until two weeks from now!

But, in the meanwhile, two questions from PT 54, both from LR section 4:

16) I was stuck between a) and b). I see why a) is correct, but am not clear on why b) is incorrect. Should I be treating the second to last sentence as a premise, and in so doing accept everything contained therein? Meaning, I would accept that "there is a growing economic incentive to construct SUCH colonies (aka moon colonies)"? Does the SUCH show that Max is restricting his argument to moon colonies, without denying that there are other viable types of colonies?

23) I got this one right, but I am not clear as to why e) is incorrect, other than that it does not seem airtight. A more rigorous explanation of e)'s falsity would be appreciated.

Thanks as always!


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Re: PT 54, LR Sect 4, q16 & 23

Postby mz253 » Thu May 27, 2010 8:53 am

16 B: "only" is wrong.

23 I don't know if I'm correct. but B is sufficient for sure. E is not sufficient. i feel that this question asks you to find the link between "student spent time outside class" and "overcome the crisis."

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