For Sale: PowerScore LSAT Prep Books & Flash Cards

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For Sale: PowerScore LSAT Prep Books & Flash Cards

Postby Maddie » Sun May 23, 2010 12:47 am

Hi guys I'm looking to sell my lsat prep materials. The price next to the book is what I am asking and includes shipping. Below that are notes about the condition the books are in.

Powerscore Materials:
LSAT Game Type Training $25
Logic Games Workbook $20
Logic Games Bible Flashcards $15
Logical Reasoning Flashcards $20
Logical Reasoning Bible $35
Logic Games Setup Guide $15

Game training book- I just bought this a few days ago but I already photocopied all 80 games that it contains and the answer key.

Logic Games Workbook- This is in great condition. I never wrote in it. I photocopied all of the exercices because my plan was to sell it.

Flashcards- They are in good shape and are all in there (just very out of order). I've been using them alot on the subway recently since I finished the bibles and just want to test and refresh myself on things before I take the exam in 2 weeks.

Logical Reasoning Bible- I am still using this for occasional review so I will not be able to send it out until after the June exam. It is in very good condition. I just counted and 13 pages have highlighting of some sort on it. All in the start of the book and it's mostly the key points they have on the side of pages. For all of the exercises I photocopied them or did htem on looseleaf in order to have no writing in the book.

Logic Games Setup Guide- This is in excellent condtion with no marking at all. It contains diagrams for how to setup every game from tests 19-39. So I only used it after completing a game to check my setup.

Please message me if you are interested in anything. Thanks and best of luck with your studying!

edit: posted individual prices for the books


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Re: For Sale: PowerScore LSAT Prep Books & Flash Cards

Postby shannon111 » Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:42 pm

hey Maddie, Im interested to buy the logic game flashcards and the gametype training. Are you still selling them? I also wanted to buy the logic game setup book also.
thanks :D

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