Frustrated With Newer Tests

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Frustrated With Newer Tests

Postby PlugInBaby » Sat May 22, 2010 6:28 pm

In the Superprep Preptests A, B, and C I got a 170, 173, and 172 respectively. In Preptests 50, 51, and 52 I plummeted to 167, 167, and 166 respectively. Logical Reasoning seems a tad tougher but overall quite manageable. I seem to be doing much worse in Reading Comprehension than I did before. I added an extra RC (experimental) from tests 19-28 twice...three wrong on one and a perfect score on the other. In these new tests I consistently get six or seven wrong on that section. Am I just a textbook example of how RC has gotten more difficult (and how the LSAT has gotten more competitive) and/or is there a way I can really prepare myself for these tougher RC sections.

Is there anything to worry about...I just find this trend quite disheartening. Thanks ahead for the input.


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Re: Frustrated With Newer Tests

Postby AdamatUCF » Sat May 22, 2010 7:40 pm

I've heard it postulated that, in recent tests, games have gotten easier, but RC has gotten much harder.

When I'm helping people prepare, I always recommend that for a true progress report, they take an LSAT in the late 40s-50s.

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