LSAT LR Explanation for incorrect Kaplan correct?

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LSAT LR Explanation for incorrect Kaplan correct?

Postby thewolfandpeter » Sat May 22, 2010 6:16 pm

PT 39, Section 4, Q 15:

Ruth: To become a politician, a person should be required to have a diversity of experience. The more diverse once's experience, the more one will understand the need for compromise:

Stephanie: To be worthy of public trust, it is not enough, as you suggest, that one simply have varied experience. Such a person would not necessarily be worthy of public trust.

Which is a flaw in Stephanie's response?

The correct answer is (C) the response attributes to Ruth a view that is more vulnerable to ciriticism than any she actually expresses...................I agree this is the most correct answer as it is a confusion of sufficient/necessary and steph misrepresents ruths argument.


Kaplan's explanation for why answer choice (A) - "the response simply asserts a point of view opposite to Ruth's without giving reasons for it" - is incorrect is that the say Stephanie's second sentence is indeed evidence and does provide reasons. Is virtually repeating her conclusion "evidence"????

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