LG - inferences

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au bon pain

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LG - inferences

Postby au bon pain » Thu May 20, 2010 10:50 am

Is this something that you just get better at as you go along? I'm comfortable with the simple stuff, but I feel like it takes me too long to make the right connections? Is there a specific approach I should take?


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Re: LG - inferences

Postby scuzle » Thu May 20, 2010 11:41 am

I would gauge if it is one that is a standard formal logic or is it one which just one is more fluid. Formal logic questions are generally easy as you can line up the terms and see where it is transitive and make a few valid inferences based on the information. However, if it is one that is just based on a fact set that lacks any logical constraints then look at the facts and see what generalizations you can make. One ones like these, where I assume you are having difficult, the main thing you can do is answer choices. Try to eliminate the ones which are value judgements, ones which make leaps that are not acceptable based on the information as well as ones which use very strong language. On the vague ones, without finite framework a lot of the the answer will show restraint i.e. "this could be this," "this may be this," "this is possible" you see where I am going. On those ones pay careful attention to the precise language and line it up in the answer. Hope this helps.

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Atlas LSAT Teacher

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Re: LG - inferences

Postby Atlas LSAT Teacher » Thu May 20, 2010 2:47 pm

I think au bon pain - great croissants! - is referring to LR, not LG. For LG, yes, you can improve on the inferences, and in fact, you must improve on them to make significant improvements to your LG accuracy and speed. Unless you're a natural logic game freak, which I assume you're not from your post, you need some diagram system. People swear by this or that diagram, and granted some are better than others, but the point is to use the diagram to structure your thinking and make the inferences. The first time I took the LSAT I used some rather stupid system I had learned from a class, and it was workable.

One thing you'll want to do is re-play games several times, the second time you do it the practice should be un-timed, and see what you can infer from the initial scenario and rules, and then see what you can infer for ever conditional question before looking at the answer choices.

Here's a write-up that might help you a bit. http://www.atlaslsat.com/download/LG_Book_Excerpt.pdf (give it a bit of time to download)

Good luck!

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