Balancing Time Management and Attention to Detail

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Balancing Time Management and Attention to Detail

Postby PlugInBaby » Wed May 19, 2010 2:30 pm

Right now I am taking practice tests every other day and trying to zero in on my weaknesses. The problem I have right now aren't with certain sections but rather with a matter of approach: in the effort to make sure all questions are answered on time I will at times miss tiny but important details. This costs me about -2 on LR and RC. Do I just have to keep on doing practice tests to learn how to balance it or are there other ways I can improve this aspect? Thanks in advance!


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Re: Balancing Time Management and Attention to Detail

Postby ZombiesAhead » Wed May 19, 2010 2:38 pm

LSAT is a question of risk:reward decisions as far as time management. Many of us here down around 170 could have 180's all day given another 5 minutes per section.

How much time do you want to invest on each problem? Would you rather be 80% sure about a long parallel reasoning question @ 1.20s or 100% sure @ 2.20s? This is basically where I stand. I know I'm going to miss 1-2 questions per section so where do you invest your time? Where are you throwing time away on unnecessary attention to detail or certainty in your AC?

If there's a secret to this, I'd like to hear it.

For those who are prescribed Adderall/Dex/Ritalin or other stimulants and use these to study, you may find a lower dose allows more fluid movement between attention to detail and speed.

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