Prep 12. Section 4. Question 11, 19 and 22

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Prep 12. Section 4. Question 11, 19 and 22

Postby eternallearner » Mon May 10, 2010 1:57 am

Question 11
Can you explain why (A) is the right answer?

Question 19
The correct answer is (B). How does Alan show that the conclusion is false? He merely introduce additional evidence to show that Jane's conclusion is incorrect.

Question 22
The correct answer is (C). While (C) can account for the first issue (heavier people die later), I do not see how (C) can account for the second in the stem which is that heavier person will die earlier.

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Re: Prep 12. Section 4. Question 11, 19 and 22

Postby jamesieee » Mon May 10, 2010 5:00 am

Question 11:

The stimulus is trying to argue that household indebtedness was in fact NOT a cause of the recent recession. It does this by suggesting that there is only one scenario in which household indebtedness could possibly be the cause of the recession, and that that scenario was implausible. However, (A) introduces another scenario in which the debts could lead to an overall drop in spending. Thus, the stimulus is weakened.

Question 19:

Alan does not show that the conclusion is false - he assumes that it's false, which is the error in reasoning. He believes that just because he undermined Jane's conclusion that the opposite of Jane's conclusion is true. Simply because one undermines A does not mean ~A is true.

Question 22:

(C) allows both phenomenons to coexist by providing the possibility that the first phenomenon is the result of sampling smokers, whereas the second phenomenon can still be true among non-smokers.

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